-Belo Horizonte-

Museums and Heritage

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Heritages and Museums

Arts & crafts museum in a railway depot displaying artifacts & historic tools from Minas Gerais.

Bar Museum Clube da Esquina, Draft beer & appetizers, plus CDs & books documenting a popular 1960s Minas Gerais musical movement.

The Mining Museum is Modern, immersive museum featuring a replica mine & many samples of regional metals & gems.

The Telecommunications Museum is for people of all ages to feel at ease. It was built with a view to telling the human communication adventure, looking towards the past, present and Future.

The Palácio da Liberdade is a building in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, which was for several years the office of the government of Minas Gerais state. It was built in 1897.

The Pampulha Art Museum, former Pampulha Casino, a member of the Architectural Pampulha set , focuses on various artistic trends in exhibitions, research and conceptualization. Its also best known for its gardens & modernist architecture by Oscar Niemeyer.