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The Zoo-Botanical Belo Horizonte (FZB-BH) Foundation, established in 1991, is an organ of indirect management of Belo Horizonte and is responsible for the third largest open green area to the public of the capital, occupying about 1 million and 750 thousand square meters. Almost a third of this area, 600,000 square meters, is covered by preserved Cerrado vegetation, and 300,000 square meters correspond to the Ecological Park Pampulha .

Parque Roberto Burle Marx, Better known as Water Park, Parque Roberto Burle Marx, is an achievement of the Barreiro community. Opened in 1994, the area is approximately 170,000 m². Inserted in the ecological complex of Serra do Rola-Girl, currency Serra do Curral, the park borders the Barreiro source protection reserve. In it, one can find a small lake and several springs that form the stream of Clemente, Arrudas stream tributary of integrating the basin of the São Francisco River.

Parque Municipal Américo Renné Giannetti is a Historic park with a tropical feel offering lakes with boat rentals & other recreational facilities.

Lake Pampulha is an artificial lake located in Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It is also the name of an administrative region of Belo Horizante, and the name of one of 29 neighborhoods within the administrative region of the same name.